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Education Games

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Our goal

Today, although the education systems that form the basis of education have been developed, the material that constitutes the content of education is still being used according to the very old standards created in the 19th century, which are difficult to perceive the brain.

As HRIKa Solutions, we started off by not believing in the effectiveness of these materials. The aim of our company is to remove these materials from the 19th century system and make them suitable for the 21st century.

Active Material

A person who is educated on old-style material consisting of painting and writing understands that reads, thinks learned, and passes the test. But remembering texts and pictures doesn’t mean they’re practicing.

We use the “Brain Rules” to prepare e-learning materials to make the brain easier to remember.

Experience Environment

By making our educational environments an learning environment with experience, we give the participants the opportunity to draw attention, make them think and make decisions. In this way, even if the participants do not realize it, they learn the subject and start to apply it.

Learning with play, which accepts the effectiveness of the world The Serious Game method is the most important business we focus on as a team.

Serious Gaming Products and e-Learning Services

Agent 4141 in action

Our simulation “BGO Agent 4141 – On the Job”, which was released in January 2009, is a human factor in physical areas that are not protected by information technologies. is an e-learning simulation in game format.


Agent 4141 Internal Threat

“Agent Surefire – Insider Threat”, the Turkish version of our simulation “Agent 4141 – Internal Threat”, is the third game in the series. This game, which runs on a training game engine that has superior features than “Agent 4141 – On the job” training, also deals with the ever-changing cyber attacks, awareness about them and what needs to be paid attention.

Non-standard e-learning

The materials we prepare for company-specific e-learning content are different from the standard e-learning content. We offer interactive content that is not only visual, but also connects the participant to education.