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Website Design and Implementation

Unique, exclusive, purpose-built, world-class design and development solutions in line with current web design trends.

Web sites, Mobile applications and Software projects are the areas that enable companies to express themselves in the best way and increase productivity in companies through in-house automation and integration processes. With the increase in computer and mobile phone ownership, the internet has increased significantly.  They are of great benefit when used correctly to contribute to the company’s brand value of the product or to increase productivity.

Companies that express themselves best in this increasingly developing environment receive great support to achieve their targeted success by adding value to their brands as well as increasing their awareness. Companies can expand their database by collecting information in the desired details through the software to be built. In the meetings to be held at the beginning of the Design Service, in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the customers, additional solutions to meet the needs or add additional value are designed by Dijital Bilişim.

Before starting its design, Dijital Bilişim researches its competitors on the internet.The datas obtained at the end of this research are evaluated. The points left or highlighted by competitors are examined. These data play an important role in determining the shape of the necessary software infrastructure as well as guiding the design. Combining design with usability, making a difference and making the software continuously available are indispensable elements for a living project.


Design and Development Processes

  • Analysis
  • Expectations
  • Goal to be achieved
  • General Concept Design
  • Determining Sub-Page Stance
  • Code Development
  • Harmonization of Design with Code Structure
  • Data input
  • Tests
  • Publish
  • Eliminating Missing or Errors